Standard sizes in stock
37'' X 37'' X 57'' J/G
36'' X 36'' X 36'' J/G
35'' X 35'' X 50'' J/G
40'' X 40'' X 60'' J/G
The bulk bags or FIBC ( Flexible International Bulk Container ) are an effective and economical way to pack, store and handle dry goods, powdered products or of granular form. Made from durable polypropylene woven, each bag has 4 loops at each corner for easy handling and filling. Furthermore, these bags are reusable and foldable for easy storage. Our bags can be produced in different sizes and different colors according to your requirements and needs. Depending on the size, each bag may contain between 2000 and 3500 pounds of material. You can also customize your bag to meet your specific needs. We also keep in stock the most popular sizes in the market.
Advantages :
  • Robust and economical
  • Can contain any type of product (liquid or dry)
  • Packing multiple options (size, fill type, discharge, lifting strap and various options.
  • Tailored to suit your specific needs
  • Requires no additional packaging
  • Reduces shipping and handling costs

Uses: Seeds, coffee, rice, flour, salt, animal food, Asbestos, fertilizer, sand, cement, and more.

Raw material: Made from robust woven polypropylene.

Color: white, transparent, blue, green, or any Pantone color.

Printing: print up to 8 colors plus white.

Types of container bag:

  • Tubular (or cylindrical) (made of woven polypropylene tube, no seams on the sides)

  • U (made of a long rectangular panel forming a U, and two side panels sewn)

  • 4 panels (made of 4 panels sewn)

  • Baffle(Inside partitions are sewn to the bag to maintain the square shape of the bag facilitates the stacking and increases the stability)

  • Ventilated (made from the material that promotes air circulation)

Loading type (opening):

  • Complete loading opening

  • Band and eyelet (used to hang or suspend the bag or to pass a rope)

  • Filling duffle

  • Flap closure

  • Filling spout

  • Conical filling spout

Discharge Type (closing):

  • Flat bottom

  • Regular discharging spout

  • Discharging spout with iris protection

  • Discharging spout with B-Lock

  • Discharging spout with protection flap

  • Discharging duffle with protective flap

  • Conical discharging spout

Type of straps:

  • 4 straps sewn at the corners

  • 4 Cross corner straps

  • 2 Tunnel shaped straps

  • Wide single lifting strap

  • 2 double straps


  • Grade: Food Grade

  • Laminate: The outer walls of the bag can be laminated with a thin layer of PE or non-laminated

  • Inserts: Ability to insert, paste or sew a PE liner inside the bag for anti-leaking

  • Seams: ability to have doubled seams and siftproof, ideal for product very powdery and light

  • Treatment: UV treatment makes it weatherproof bag

  • Pocket: Transparent document pocket for your documents

  • Impression: 4 sides

  • Label: Ability to add labels, bar code, warning labels, ect.

  • Other options: UN bag, conductive, anti-static, and more ...
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