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Many producers choose the Paper / Poly bag for their bulk packaging , rather than multi-ply paper bags or conventional polypropylene bags. With two walls whose interior is made of woven polypropylene and outside white or brown paper, the paper / poly bag is unique and attractive.

It offers the same benefits as traditional multi-ply paper bag, but is more resistant to tearing, puncture and moisture through the inner wall of woven polypropylene. It also offers a significant sustainability during storage and transport.

It also has a greater graphic performance when printed. The Paper / Poly bag is an excellent choice for packing animal feed, fertilizer, building materials, and more.

Advantages :

  • Puncture-resistant
  • Good barrier against moisture while letting your products breathe
  • Reduces condensation and mold
  • Affordable
  • Durable and very resistant

Uses : Seeds, coffee, rice, flour, salt, animal food, Asbestos, fertilizer, sand, cement, and more.

Raw material: Made from paper and woven polypropylene.

Color: White or natural ( brown).

Printing : Flexographic printing up to 4 colors, 2 sides or can be laminated, gravure printing up to 8 colors all around.

  • Food grade.

  • Possibility of adding a film, matte, semi gloss, glossy finish, white or transparent film available.

  • With or without gusset.

  • Ability to add a non-slip coating for a better adhesion when palletizing.

  • Bottom: Single or double-fold, single or double seam.

  • With or without Easy Open.

  • Treatment: UV treatment makes it weatherproof.

  • Possibility of adding a valve.