Laminated BOPP polypropylene bags are ideal to contain seeds, animal food, fertilizer, grass seeds, and many more products. They offer outstanding print quality, high-quality photographic rendering for printing scanable UPC codes. They help to promote your brand and improve the marketing of your product. Whether simple bags for business-to-business applications or bags with high-quality graphics for superb consumer appreciation, these bags offer a good seal, but also a great puncture resistance. Indeed, the laminated wall prevents the puncture to widen compared to woven bag. This is our most popular and most economical product. Their capacity varies between 25 lbs and 150 lbs.

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Agrisac carries a full line of plain laminated bags with or without gussets ranging from as small as 18x30 and 14x4x30 up to as large as 20 x 40 and 17x6x40.


  • Outstanding print quality
  • Long-term printing, cannot be scratched or rubbed off
  • Great barrier, excellent sealing
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Good puncture resistance
  • Affordable and durable
  • Recyclable and reusable

  • Uses : Seeds, coffee, rice, flour, salt, animal food, Asbestos, fertilizer, sand, cement, and more.

  • Raw material: made from woven polypropylene material.

  • Colour: White , transparent, blue, green, etc.

  • Printing : Gravure printing in multi -colors with movie.

Custom printing available. Gravure Print up to 8 colors

Options :

  • Matte, semi gloss, glossy, white or transparent film.

  • With or without gusset.

  • Ability to add a anti-slip coating for better adhesion when palletizing.

  • Opening: heat sealing or hemmed ( sewn ).

  • Bottom : Single or double fold, single or double stitching, with or without easy-open.

  • Treatment: UV treatment makes it weatherproof.

  • Ability to add a valve.