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The valve bag is used primarily for high-speed filling. Widespread particularly in the cement industry, powdered minerals, chemicals and construction materials, the valve bag is very versatile. The bottom of this bag is glued and several types of filling valves are available according to the nature of the product to be bagged or depending on the equipment used. The valve bag therefore provides a high filling performance.

  • Very versatile
  • Suitable for many types of products
  • High-speed filling productivity
  • Automatic and rapid degassing for greater performance
  • Lower risk of contamination
  • No closure needed (closure applied by pressure of the product on the valve after bagging )
  • Optimal palletizing through its cubic shape
  • Large printable area

Uses: Cement, concrete, mortar, gypsum, fertilizer, pigment, chlorine, salt, sand, chemicals, cereals, dairy, detergent, lime, adhesive materials ect.

Product specifications: Valve bags can be made of polyethylene, laminated polypropylene woven fabric, paper (one ply or multi-ply) laminated or not, and laminated poly-paper or not. A PE or aluminum liner may also be inserted, glued or sewn inside the bag.

Options: air evacuation holes, plastic lining, personalized printing.