Polypropylene woven bags are the best packaging for a wide variety of products. One advantage is that they let your products breathe thus avoiding condensation and thereby reducing the risk of mold.
The polypropylene woven bags are inexpensive, extremely durable and resistant. They are known to be very strong and capable of carrying well over fifty pounds without any problems.

They are also extremely stable and will rarely tear or burst if dropped unlike paper bag.

We keep several standard sizes in stock, you can print your company logo up to 3 colors. Furthermore, these bags can be made fully customized as needed (construction, thickness, dimension, color, printing, etc.).

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Agrisac carries a full line of plain woven pp bags ranging from as small as 14”x26” up to as large as 28”x40”. We also carry plain woven pp bags with liner inserted ranging from as small as 18”x30” up to as large as 24”x40''.

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Resistant
  • Very Strong
  • Stable

Uses : Seeds, rice, flour, salt, pet food, Asbestos, fertilizer, sand, cement, and more.

Raw material: made from 100% new polypropylene, can be changed at the customer's request .

Colour: White, transparent, blue, green, or any Pantone color.

Printing : Flexographic printing up to 3 colors.

Custom printing available.

Options :

  • With or without gussets

  • Ability to add a anti-slip coating for greater adhesion when palletizing.

  • Opening: heat sealed or hemmed ( ''sewn'' ).

  • Bottom : Single or Double Fold, single or double stitching, with or without easy-open.

  • Liner: Inserted, sewn or laminated with a PE liner to protect against moisture.

  • Treatment: UV treatment makes it weatherproof bag.

  • Ability to add a valve.